The Nature of Mind

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CONFINED IN THE DARK, narrow cage of our making which we take for the whole universe, can we even begin to imagine another dimension of reality. There’s a story of an old frog who had lived all his life in a dank well. One day a frog from the sea paid him a visit.

“Where do you come from?” asked the frog in the well.

“From the great ocean,” he replied.

“How big is your ocean?”

“It’s gigantic.”

“You mean about a quarter of the size of my well here?”


“Bigger? You mean half as big?”

“No, even bigger.”

“Is it…as big as this well?”

“There’s no comparison.”

“That’s impossible! I’ve got to see this for myself.”

They set off together. When the frog from the well saw the ocean, it was such a shock that his head just exploded into pieces.