Web Hosting

Let Us Look after it. You have better things to do than manage web hosting.

Having a website shouldn’t mean spending hours optimizing your server and battling security threats. With our locally managed web hosting, we handle the technical stuff for you – server setup, security, backups, domain name renewals, even performance optimization – so you can spend your time doing what’s important to you.

SSL & Website Security Also Available. Designed to keep the bad guys out.

An SSL Certificate encrypts sensitive data that users submit to your site – such as credit card numbers, password and more – so hackers or other online criminals can’t read it. Perfect for web stores and sites that collect personal information.


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What is Hosting?

Web Hosting makes sure customers can see your website.
Hosting is what makes it possible for others to view your website over the Internet. Without it, you’re the only one who will ever get a look.

How does Web Hosting work?

Once you purchase a Web hosting plan, we store your site on one of our servers and assigns it a unique DNS. The DNS serves as the address that allows people around the world to find and view your website. This unique address is required in order for people to view your site.
By purchasing a website hosting package, you’re basically buying space on one of our servers. It’s similar to the space on a computer’s hard drive, but the server allows your website’s files to be accessed from anywhere.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It might sound complex, but it’s really not. SSL Certificates validate your website’s identity, and encrypt the information visitors send to, or receive from, your site. This keeps thieves from spying on any exchange between you and your shoppers.
When you have an SSL Certificate protecting your website, your customers can rest assured that the information they enter on any secured page is private and can’t be viewed by cyber crooks. We make it easy to install your certificate and secure your server.

Fine Print

*Our Standard Web Hosting plans are designed to host most personal, small business and organization websites. We don’t limit the amount of storage and bandwidth your site can use. Should your website bandwidth or storage usage present a risk to the stability, performance or uptime of our servers, we will notify you and you may be required to upgrade to a Virtual Private Server or Dedicated (Private) Server. The standard Web Hosting plan is not ideal for large e commerce sites and does not include SSL security.